Thanks TC Seroja

While further north has had to evacuate, here in the south we've had just the good to contend with. Some much needed rain, and of course a spike in the swell. Conditions looked good on Saturday with the swell starting to jump in the afternoon. The cloud rolled in late arvo to evening, and the rain started to come down about 4am Sunday morning. A light easterly started things off as day broke, but by 10am or so it was howling. Big boards came out at Mainbreak, as much to combat the strong easterlies as for the size of the swell. The afternoon saw the wind drop off, but so too did the swell. A lot of breaks were firing along the coast, providing options for pretty much all surfing levels as a few of the inside breaks that rarely work were giving learners some good opps to get in the water, while out back the more serious waves like Bombie and Boaties were also working. A good day to get in the water. Stay safe all. We've been working on bringing out a new edition of our surfing Guide in e-format, with new photos and a few videos thrown in too. Stay tuned. As always, see our fav pic from today on socials.

surfers point cyclone seroja

cyclone margaret river

seroja swell


the box cyclone seroja swell

gas point margaret river

gas point cyclone

cyclone swell margaret river

gas point margaret river

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