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There was plenty of juice left in the tank this morning, with good sets coming in all along the coast. Swell magnets like Mainbreak, Bombie and Boaties all looked good early as the swell kept on coming, on an in-coming tide. Southsides also picked up some action with a slight change in the swell direction from yesterday. Although perhaps not as spectacular for the spectators today, conditions were a whole lot better for surfers as the wind dropped and we saw a good few hours of clean, beautiful conditions. It may not have had the size or power like yesterday, but it also didn't have the wind this morning, easily making for better conditions. And crowds from the weekend carnage had also, on the whole, gone home. There were people out at almost every spot along the coast, with Boaties, Craypots and the Bombie all looking good. Mainbreak was also very consistent with little wait between sets. All in all a great monring between the Capes today. Swell is forecast to drop over the week and the wind turns more southerly so you'll need to be up early to score anything worthwhile for the rest of this week.

Grunters Margaret River

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