Second Day Running

Another day. Another good swell. Another strong off-shore. And 29 degrees to cap it all off. The morning easterly was pretty strong and definitely put a few punters off. But by 7am cars were packed to the gas works corner, which was pretty crazy as the off-shore was still super strong. That wind didn't drop until later in the morning and a lucky few who didn't have to go to work or school were treated to exceptional conditions. These pic were taken early as like many of us, I had other commitments to attend to. Hopefully you managed to get in a few as conditions are turning poor tomorrow. See today's favourite pic on Facebook (it's a rippa) and we'll post a few on insta @surfingmr as well. Xmas will be soon upon us and if you're thinking about buying our Surfing Guide get in soon as Covid has thrown a spanner in the Aus post works. Stay safe all.

gas point yeeeew

gas point margaret river

left or right gas bay margaret river

body board surf spots margaret river

where to surf margaret river

point breaks margaret river

taking the drop gas point margaret river

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