Pumpin' Day Two

Margies absolutely turned it on today. Great surf - good solid swell, the wind a little lighter than forecast, and some warmth in the sun. Such a contrast to yesterday. So much so that heats were doubled up in an effort to make the most of the great conditions. As you don't need a crystal ball to see the long term forecast ain't looking too good. Makes sense to get through it asap while conditions are good. Let's hope it holds for Tuesday and into Wednesday. I still expect the entire comp to be over by Wednesday. Not great for sponsors who would no doubt be wanting maximum exposure, but if fans and surfers factor into the equation, there ain't going to be much to surf, or see, after Wednesday. If it is put on hold then there must be something on the long term forecast that we've not yet seen. Fingers crossed we get great surf no matter what decisions are made.

Given there is plenty of coverage of Mainbreak, we thought we'd take a look around The Capes today. There was a nice little window around midday when the swell jacked, the wind dropped a little and the sun came out. Perfection. Hope you managed to get yourself out and amongst it. If not, down to the Point to see the Pros show us all how it's done, or if not that, kept the #WSL bookmarked (and muted if necessary) at work.

Just a great day to be out and about today.

Make sure you're in the know like these guys today with our Surfing Margaret River Cape to Cape Guide, in print or ebook. Make sure you know the spots worth checking out no matter what conditions are like - big or small swell, winds, tides - you name it, we've got a spot in this Guide for everyone. Don't forget to follow us on socials.

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