New Year Joy

it's been a windy start to the year with a strange weather pattern hitting the south west coast. Super strong easterlies have prevailed for most of this first week. Mid week we've seen a rise in the swell and a drop in the strength of the winds over the course of the morning, bringing some great surf for the start of 2021. But it's not a typical summer pattern that's for sure. Today started with strong off-shores, solid swell and a fair bit of south to the swell. Instead of an early on-shore as you'd usually expect in summer, we saw the easterlies prevail all day. Spots that like the south swell were firing early, the pick was Boaties. Then the swell dropped slightly but the wind also dropped, and we saw some of the closer to shore spots start to fire. Spots that had looked pretty average early morning started to fire. It's all about timing. Hope you scored some of the great surf on offer today. We've got a slight drop in the swell later in the week but the strong off-shores are expected to continue as the temps rise into the high 30s for several consecutive days - almost unheard of down this way. Enjoy.

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