A Wild Ride

This will be our last post for quite some time, possibly ever. What started as a passion in my teens led to an opportunity for a small business in my twenties. That business grew, as they do. And then, almost before I knew it, I was relying on finding the best photos, the best surf, the most amazing social media posts, blah blah blah and I was feeling pressure to perform. What was once a passion became a chore. I knew things had to change when I started feeling relieved when the surf was shit. What the hell? So I changed tactics, devoted more time to e-based products, sorted out the website, and decided to quit the never ending merry-go-round they call social media. It's been a wild ride. Full of ups and downs. Great surf, shit surf, shark scares, suicides, 100 year storms, huge swell, flat days, and everything in between. I hope you all continue to get out there, ride the ups and downs, get yourself wet, and look after each other. For the final time, our fav pic of the day will feature on FB and Insta at 5pm. Cheers.

Margaret River Surfers Point

Big surf Margaret River

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Good surf Margaret River

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