Strong Off-shores

After yesterday's almost Indo-like glassy conditions until lunchtime, we were hopeful of a slight increase in swell and perhaps another light to no wind session today. But that wasn't to be, as the off-shore started before sunrise and kept on coming, gaining strength throughout the day. There was a small drop in strength at lunch but it was still very strong, making for challenging conditions for most. There's a few good banks to be found as a lot of sand was removed and dumped just out to sea over the last few weeks of cold fronts. It's been off-shore for most of the day so we hope you managed to get amongst it. Conditions are set to change - as luck would have it (or more to the point, not) just in time for the weekend. See a pic from yesterday on our insta account @surfingmr and of course our favourite post of the day not featured here can be found only on Facebook at Surfing Margaret River. Cheers all.


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