All Day Off-Shore

It's been a great start to winter with decent swell, off-shores and clear skies. Today was no exception, with plenty of spots firing all along the Capes. There was a bit of a sting in the tail too as the swell picked up towards later afternoon giving plenty of the frothing grommets some good sized sets as soon as they hit the water after school. At some times during the day it was nothing short of mechanical - consistent waves, great shape, rolling in one after the other. And thanks to the storm and two fronts we had over the last week there seems to be a few good banks around the place too. Just a great day to be in the water. I missed breakfast, lunch and I'm still here now sorting through the pics from today, but thank God the sun sets early or there'd have been a chance I may have missed dinner too. As it is, it'll just be delayed. As always our pic of the day featured on FB at 5pm and we'll have a few on insta @surfingmr. This blog's a bit late purely as it was so hard to leave the beach today. Have a great weekend everyone and find yourself some waves if you can. Good for the body. Good for the soul. If you're keen to find spots like this you can buy our Cape to Cape Guide on this site, yours for $40 if you live in Aus. Directions to 50 spots with pics of each in action and best conditions to surf them. 200 pages of pure surf. Get yours today.

Gas Point

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gas surf spot

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cover up gas point

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Grunters Margaret River

Gas Point surf spot

Gas Point surfing

grunters margaret river

where to surf WA

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