And Autumn Has Arrived...

It's been a long, flat summer on the whole and the start of March, which usually sees a jump in the swell and some great conditions on offer, was slow. It's been super flat, as in as flat as I've ever seen it (and I've been living here since 1994). Great for diving and fishing so that's been a bonus. There's really always something on in this region. And a couple of howling on-shores that hit like a hurricane (yesterday and today prime examples) have kept the wind surfers and kite boarders pretty happy too. A welcome spike in the swell last night bought some good sized sets back to Margs, and what a sight for sore eyes it was. The Point was going off with the Bombie looking particularly tasty. The on-shore didn't hit until lunchtime so some lucky punters scored great surf for five or six hours. No Mondayitis for those at The Point this morning.

Surfers Point

Summer Surfers Point Margaret River

Bombie Margaret River

Mainbreak Autumn

Mainbreak Margaret River Autumn

Bombie Autumn Margaret River

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