The Early Bird...

The standard summer pattern continued today with smallish swell (it picked up a little from yesterday), very little wind early, a strong off-shore by 7am, followed by the on-shore a few hours later. The early risers really scored the best of what was on offer today as there was very little wind early, no flies, no crowds (definitely a few sore heads around this morning), no heat, and some epic waves to be had. Many went un-ridden as revelers partied a little too hard last night and didn't make the dawnie. It's always worth a check with your own eyes as the forecast can be inaccurate.

Today's best pic features on Facebook at 5pm. For a late Xmas present why not get your hands on a copy of our Surfing Guide - you'll have to buy it from shops at this stage as it ain't going to make it to you in time via Aus Post. For a list of stockists refer to this site - call them first as we sell a lot this time of the year.

Take care in the water everyone.

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