Jumpin' Jack Flash

It was a morning that looked just okay, but turned it on for those who bothered to get up and into it. Strong offshore winds threatened to crash the party but they died down just after 9am and we ended up with some glassy, prime conditions for a few hours before the wind turned. Prime time was actually before the glass around 9am as there were a few solid sets still coming in. Sometimes a bit of a wait between sets, but well worth it. Once the strong offshore died the swell did seem to drop a touch, but there was still plenty of action to be found. Given it's school hols it was also relatively uncrowded. Just a great morning to be out, some sun, some swell, and a few hours of uncrowded, clean conditions. Pretty good all up. Send in your fav pics to us on email to surfingmr@hotmail.com in the highest res you have and we'll get ém up on here. Our pic of the day is on FB at 5pm, and it's not featured here. We also throw up a few on Insta @surfingmr.

Gas Bay Spring

Tube Gas Bay

Gas Bay

Gas Point WA

left and right Gas Margaret RIver

Gas Point Margaret River

Gas Point

Gas Bay

Right hander Gas Point Margaret River

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