Building Swell

Ten foot plus swell built up over the course of Saturday and really hit late Saturday arvo. Unfortunately there were on-shore winds to contend with. By Sunday morning the swell had actually dropped a touch, and there was a bit of lump and bump around as the direction wasn't quite right for some of the more protected spots that could have turned it on with just a few degrees difference in direction. None-the-less there was some good surf to be found, light off-shores early and some sun. Not too bad all in all. Get us your pics of between the Capes to in the highest res you have and we'll do our best to get them up on here. If you send them to us on insta or FB chances are the resolution wont be high enough. See our pic of the day on FB at 5pm (that's not featured here), and follow us on insta @surfingmr if you're into that platform. Cheers crew.

the bay, margaret river

north point margaret river WA

North Point Margaret River

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