Surf's Up

There was some good surf around earlier in the week. Today was forecast to be big. And it was. Solid 10 foot sets arrived overnight, the easterlies kicked in but the swell with a little multi-directional so spots weren't lining up quite as cleanly as they perhaps should have been. No takers at Mainbreak which is saying something. And a handful at Boaties with three take-off zones - again suggesting the swell had quite a bit of west in it. Further up the coast was the pick although the crowds suggested everyone had the same spot in mind. It happens. Tomorrow looks like it has potential too, with a slight drop in swell actually working in favour of most surfers, hopefully we'll also see the swell line up a bit more.


Massive Surfers Point

Big Boaties

Mainbreak Surfers Point

Massive Surfers Point WA

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