Wash Away The Winter Blues

We've had a month up north catching some sun and swell, but had a pleasant surprise awaiting us on our return - blue skies and pumping surf between the Capes. It's been hit and miss while we've been away - a couple of days of good surf between pretty average conditions. It's to be expected this time of year, where historically we see a few lows hit the coast, sweeping away much of the sand build up and dumping it out to sea. Today was no exception - decent swell from earlier in the week has eroded away much of the beach resulting in some good banks to be found. The swell dropped from yesterday but there was actually more around that forecast. We saw some thumping sets between solid three to four foot waves, and it was pretty consistent for the most part. Winds were pretty light to non existent early on and the sun shining combined with decent swell saw some good surf on offer. Plenty of groms were out and about making it look easy. It wasn't. There's a lot of up and coming talent to be found around these parts that's for sure. Hope you managed to get amongst it.

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