All Eyes on #SurfersPoint

It's the type of day they pray for heading into the #MargiesPro, but unfortunately it's come just a fraction before the official start of the comp. We've had light all day offshores with good sized swell that has slowly dropped throughout the course of the day, but three to four foot sets are still peeling though as we write this at 4pm. Pretty much all eyes were on the Point today with people out at Boaties (not quite large enough but still pretty fun), a couple at the Bombie, a good number at Southsides as the swell direction saw that come to life, Mainbreak (a swarm of 20 people until lunchtime and it looks like there's about 30 in the water now as the after work crew join the action), and the Box (which saw heaps of action today as the Pros shared this and Mainbreak with locals, getting their practise runs in in preparation for the comp). There was a shark scare further north which cleared waters along that stretch of coast earlier in the day but all was clear at Surfers Point. Let's hope that continues leading into and throughout the competition, given the entire show is being run later this year in the hopes of avoiding any of that kind of activity. It was stunning Autumn day in Margs today - if you were around we hope you made it down to the Point as it was well worth the effort. You got to see the world's top surfers in excellent conditions without the crowd hassles. A very memorable day. If you want to know where to surf between the Capes buy our Surfing Guide online or from good retail outlets in the southwest and selected nationwide surf and book shops. Send in your fav pics (taken by you) to in the highest res you've got and we'll get the best of them up here and on socials. Our pic of the day appears on FB at 5pm, and a few will go up on insta @surfingmr as well. Enjoy the great conditions everyone and stay safe in the water.

Mainbreak Bombie

Surfers Point 2019

Pros at Mainbreak 2019

27 May 2019

The Box May 2019

Margies Pro 2019 The Box

Surfers Point MargiesPro2019

Action at the Box today 27 May 2019

The Box Margaret River Pro 2019

The Box Margies Pro 2019

The Box #MargiesPro

Margaret River Surfers Point 2019

The Box 2019 #MargiesPro2019

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