9/10 Today

With only an average forecast to be found on the web, today was one of those days so worth just getting up (getting in the car if you need to) and taking a look. Pity you if you didn't bother to go down for a surf check - judging by the lack of cars in all car parks pre 8am a lot of you didn't. We nabbed a spot right next to the break at 7.30am, and crowds were pretty low given the quality conditions and the first day of school holidays. For those who bothered, the wind was off-shore and pretty strong with a hint of north in it, and the swell was about 4 foot to start. It picked up to a solid six foot, and then picked up again. Testing conditions when close-outs started happening on some of the beachies (total carnage for a few), but the reef breaks we saw were holding the larger sized swell pretty well. A pack of groms were dominating on one beach break in particular. Hope you managed to get amongst it as it was well worth the effort. Send in your same day pics to us at surfingmr@hotmail.com by 3pm if you can manage it (the highest res you have), and we'll publish the best on here and socials (with credit to you of course). Our pic of ther day features on Fb at 5pm, and we'll get a few up on insta @surfingmr too. Plenty to choose from today with over 1000 photos taken. Our book stocks are getting a bit low so if you've been putting a purchase on hold we'd recommend getting onto that soon. Available in good book stores, surf shops, and tourist bureaus. Ask ém to get it in if they don't already stock it. Take care out there everyone and have a wicked Easter.

View from Grunters carpark

Good Gas Bay

Gas Point Peak

Gas Point

The perfect wave

Gas split the peak

Gas Point

Best of Gas Point

Gas Point Margaret River

Surf Margaret River

Surf photos Margaret River

Margaret River surf Autumn

Groms at Geachies

Geachies groms

Groms dominate beachies

Geachies Margaret River

six foot Gas

not crowded Gas

A Frame peak Gas Point

Gas Margaret River

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