Margs Turns it on For The Long Weekend

Well that was summer and it's been pretty uneventful to be honest. The start of Autumn looks the goods and if what we've had so far is anything to go by we could be in for a good one. Fingers crossed on that front. We seem to have had a lot of decent swell but poor wind, or good offshores but no swell. So this morning was welcome relief, with solid 4 foot swell and an offshore (even with a bit of south in it the east hung in there and dominated the direction until about 10am). Champagne hour was at about 9am, when the strength in the wind died off quite a lot and we saw conditions on the water glass up. But our pick was actually earlier - a little more wind around but it was still offshore, and more consistent sets were coming through producing some good waves. The swell was a little multi-directional, so a lot of spots weren't absolutely firing but there were still plenty of waves on offer - a few for the early risers at the bigger waves spots, including a couple out at Boaties very early on. All in all you'd have to be pretty happy with today's form - just in time for the long weekend. Yes there's a lot of people around. Yes cars were backed up to the corner turn at Gas, but that's pretty typical with surf and weather like we had today. Who wouldn't want to be out and about? Our photo of the day appears on Facebook at 5pm, and a few go up on insta @surfingmr every now and again. Send in your own pics of between the Capes and we'll do our best to get ém up on here with credit to you of course. Speaking of which, there's one below from Peter Heathcote @rhythmic_photography, taken January 5. Cheers Peter.

Gas Bay WA

Gas Point turns it on

Grunters Margaret River

where to surf Margaret River

surf spots Margaret River

Long weekend Margaret River

Groms dominating Gas Point

Gas Point Gas Bay Margaret River WA

Gas Point Margaret River

Long weekend Margaret River surf

Gas Point

Image by Peter Heathcote @rhythmic_photography

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