Worth the dawn patrol

It's been a month of quiet times surf wise. Things looked up for a brief moment during the week (anyone get out on Wednesday?), but it's been a pretty average spring all up. Today was a welcome change. A rising tide early morning saw some of the beachies turn it on. The swell had a good kick in it too, some caught unaware as the extra water coming in saw the swell pick up from three foot to a solid five. Haze, some cloud cover, a bit of warmth in the sun, combined with virtually zero wind from about 6 to 8am reminded me of Indo. Hope you managed to cure the Saturday morning hangover and got amongst it before the winds turned. There's not a lot on the horizon so today was one window of opportunity you didn't want to miss. The Gourmet Escape's in town this weekend so why not go check that out on Sunday as the surf ain't looking too special.

Gas Point November

Dawn patrol pays off Margaret River

The drop

Landing the drop Margaret River

Boodji Beach barrels

Cover up Boodji Beach Margaret River

Clean beachie

In the green room Margaret River

Grommets on fire Margaret RIver

Right handers Margaret River

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