Good Conditions Continue

We've had some decent easterlies and solid swell for the last few days, and things look to continue well into next week. The pick of the days is likely Wednesday if the forecast is anything to go by, with a 20 second swell period, off-shore winds and solid swell lining up to possibly give a taste of what the west can really offer on a good day. The last few days have seen solid swell but it's still a bit our of control, with a lot of bump in the face with super strong easterlies. Best spots are those that offer some protection from the wind. Surprisingly crowds have been pretty small given we're in the middle of the school holidays. It's going to be an interesting few days that's for sure. Check us out on insta @surfingmr and of course check out our photo of the day on FB at 5pm. And continue to send in your same day photos, we're always keen to promote surf photographers between the Capes.

Boodjidup Beach

Clean Boodji beach

Photos Boodji beach

pics boodji beach margaret river

in the green room

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