A Good Day in the West

Almost a month between posts which pretty much sums up how the surf's been over here in WA. We've had a bit of swell around but a few fronts have still been charging into the coast keeping the onshore winds and rain around. It's been a long time coming but things have finally turned and this weekend sees off-shores and clear skies for the next three days. Not bad for a long weekend. A six foot swell coupled with and a strong easterly forecast for Saturday morning hinted at potential, and it came to fruition by about 9am when the easterly wind died off just enough to clean things up. For the next few hours conditions were excellent. A big day in the west - in more ways than one.

See our photo of the day (not featured here) on facebook at /surfingmargaretriver. It's a cracker. And we throw the odd thing up on insta @surfingmr, especially oldies collected over the last 10 years on same date, different year. Feel free to send us your pics and we'll do our best to get 'em up for you.

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