Excellent weekend conditions

Conditions have been good over the entire weekend. We've had some solid swell hit the west coast and finally some decent off-shores as well, producing good waves. A few of the big wave spots were working on the Saturday and then after some strong off-shores overnight, cleaner conditions greeted those up on Sunday for a dawn patrol. The water temp was a lot warmer than the air temp that's for sure, but by about 9am things began to warm up as the sun hit the beach. Winter swells have made an impact on all beaches, with shorelines in some spots reduced by 50 to 80%, and in some areas, entire beaches have disappeared and waves are lapping dunes. Of course the upside to this big wave action and large tide movement is the sand - it has to go somewhere and as a result we've seen good banks at most beachies, even some of the more remote, fickle spots have been firing over the weekend. So it's a great time to head off to the more remote spots that need good sand bars to work properly, and take a look. You never know your luck...


Beachies Margaret River

Sand banks

Boodjidup river end

Clean Boodjidup


Beach Break

Standing tall

cover up

Boodji Beach

Grunters today

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