Day 5...

Forgive the timing on this blog - we had to drag ourselves away from the perfect conditions on the coast today. So we made it to a computer fairly late, as it should be on a day like today. Day five of almost perfect conditions - all days off-shores, warm weather (yes, there were people swimming today - with not a wetsuit in sight), and good sized swell. All day we were treated to beautiful conditions with most spots pretty uncrowded given the quality of the surf, the day, and the fact it's still school holidays down here. Things got interesting as the tide dropped to a pretty low low, making a few of the reef breaks a bit dicey, but there was plenty around for anyone in the water. Hard to beat. Really. There's been a few lurkers of the large white variety spotted in the water at Redgate, so as always, take care out there and use your head - don't go out alone. We're due for a change to these perfect conditions pretty soon so if you've any opportunity to sneak in an early tomorrow it might be wise. As always our fav pic from today features on FB at 5pm. And we'll throw something up on Insta @surfingmr sometime tonight as well. Low res digital images are given out for free, if you want high res digital they start at $35, ready to hang canvas prints start at $60. Contact us on this site or on FB if you're interested.

all day off shore

clean gas bay

gas point in winter

uncrowded gas point

gas point left and right

afternoon offshore the box

glassy box

bombie small but super clean

the box on low tide

the box afternoon

mainbreak low tide
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