A Winter Window of Opportunity

We've had record amounts of rain these last few weeks here in Margies, including 70mm overnight last weekend. So when the forecast promised offshores, good swell, clear skies AND it all lining up to arrive for the weekend it almost seemed to good to be true. The rain finally stopped falling on Friday afternoon and we saw the first hint of blue sky. Swell still looked a good size after a front saw it increase on Thursday. Luckily for us, it did all come together for great conditions Saturday morning and well into Saturday arvo although the off-shore did pick up quite a bit over the course of the day. We were finally happy not to be north in the state or over Indo way (but it's been a long time coming). The next few days look the goods so we might see a bit more action until Tuesday, possibly even Wednesday. Send your same day pics to us on Facebook and we'll do our best to get them up for you. We're very happy to promote photographers on our site. And make sure your in the know each and every day the surf looks good with our 200 page full colour Surfing Guide, detailing over 50 breaks between the Capes. Yours for only $40. Buy it here or in good book stores. Get amongst it if you can before the weather turns again and we go back to a more typical winter pattern.

Gas Point

Boodjidup beach breaks

Grunters winter 2018

Gas Point 2018

beach breaks margaret river

beachie bowl boodji

beach breaks 2018

gas point winter 2018

beachie peaks

sand peaks boodjidup

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