Back Amongst It

Well... it's been a while between drinks. Sure, a quick look over your shoulder and you're done and dusted in half an hour. Today wasn't like that. Today was like a long, cool drink on a hot day. We've seen a lot less action of the unwanted kind over the last few weeks and we're hoping everyone (and everything) has settled down. We still have Three Bears and Boranup beaches closed to shark activity bought about by continued whale carcasses, but on the whole, things look good. While we've seen some horrendous weather over the last few weeks and some less than average winds, today bought good sized swell (solid six foot with the odd bomb set) and finally a consistent off-shore for most of the day. Hence we saw most breaks doing something. It was a bit rough and ready for the early risers but conditions improved over the course of the morning as the large tide started to go out and the swell settled down a bit. The wind died off and we had good conditions for most of the day, and really good conditions late morning into early afternoon when that wind almost completely died off for an hour or so. Hope you managed to get amongst it on this long weekend.

box long weekend 2018

the box 3 june 2018

surfers point margaret river

the box goin'off

boogers wet dream

3 june 2018

clean mainbreak margaret river

big boaties margaret river

the box clean and green

move over lads

nice view of the box

slotted in at the box

nice pic mate

bottom turn lining up

living the life surfers point margaret river

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