Back to business as usual.... we hope.

To say it's been a hectic week would be a gross understatement. One shark attack at Cobbles. A whale carcass washes up near Lefties. A second shark attack (on the same day) at Lefties. The Pro shuts shop. A shark altercation at South Point. Another whale stranding, this time near Redgate. The swell hits and conditions finally improve. A public holiday. Another shark altercation, this time at Mainbreak. Countless sightings of sharks. The good surf continues.

We'd like a return to business as usual please. Today we woke to an increase in swell overnight, a light easterly, and grey cloudy skies. The surf was on the pump as solid six foot swell saw most of the magnets firing. Was anyone out? Yes. People make their own choices.

Our fav pic from today will be up on Facebook at 5pm. Also take a look at insta @surfingmr.

Stay safe people.

The Box on fire
no sharks far

surfers point the box

solid mainbreak

solid box

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