Feel the stoke

We are lucky to get quite a lot of days where you can look around and just feel the stoke. Today was such a morning. A strong easterly with solid 4 foot swell started the morning well. The wind was strong for most of the morning, with a small lull of an hour or so late morning. By about 1pm the wind had swung on-shore but it was super light. This continued into the afternoon, becoming lighter if anything. Just another magic day in the south west. The countdown is on for the Margies Pro so let's hope these Autumn conditions continue. Less than a week to go before the start of the Pro and if conditions so far this April are anything to go by, we should be in for a treat. If you haven't already, get down to Margies by the 11th to see the best surfers in the world. Yeeeeeew!

Gas on fire
Gas Point

Gas Point
Prevelly coast


Clean Gas Bay

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