Heavin' beach breaks, broken boards, shark sirens and tiger snakes. It was on!

It was going to prove a tough task living up to the hype generated in the media about the cyclone swell due to hit the south west on the weekend. While the uneducated were expecting huge waves, it was the direction that mattered, resulting in a rare opportunity to see a few of the breaks that like a nor-west swell (a rare event in the south west) really fire. Did it happen? Hell yeah it happened. Taj's video of the last time it happened circulated around the web a few thousand times, ensuring every man, woman and their dog were at that location. But they weren't disappointed. Although the traffic backed up to the main T-junction, if you were able to find a spot and didn't mind a bit of a walk, the views on offer were spectacular. At one stage 8 jet skis were towing in, which was definitely the way to go as the wave was simply too fast to really catch any other way. There were a few free surfers sitting on the inside who also scored some great waves, but the pick of the bunch were the tow-ins who had the time to line themselves up and take the drop perfectly, taking the right along the shoreline, with some lucky enough to be spat out the end after a nice cover up. It was a great sight to see and so worth the effort. The chopper flew overhead at one stage and blasted the shark siren across the airwaves. No one exited the water. It was too damn good! We saw one hideously bad board break - snapped straight through - but the surfer involved was fine. Walking back up the track we avoided a tiger snake who was out sunning him or herself. Views from up top or right down near the action on the beach were both good. Really - what a day. One to store in the memory banks for life. For sure.

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