Swell Magnets on Fire

Pretty much a perfect Wednesday morning as a strong easterly and good six foot swell saw plenty of options along the coast working well. Surfer's Point was the pick, with Boaties, the Bombie, Southsides, Mainbreak and the Box all picking up swell and producing good waves, particularly between about 9 and 11am, when the wind dropped and it really did turn it on. By late morning the on-shore turned up as forecast, but if you managed to get down for a morning session, you'd have to have been pretty happy with what was on offer. Summer's almost over and if today was any indication of what's in store for us in Autumn, we'll be lovin' it. See our pic of the day on Facebook at 5pm, not featured here. Send in your own same-day-taken pics to our Facebook page and we'll post any good ones, with cred to you of course. We're all about promoting surf photographers in the region, and are happy to plug your websites, pages and insta accounts - if you've got ém!

Mainbreak Bombie
All spots working today

Southsides Surfers Point

Hollow Bombie

Bombie Margaret River

Surfers Point Margaret River

Bombie Margaret River

The Box Margaret River

The Bombie Surfers Point Margaret River

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