Ignore the Hangover and Get Into It

A break from a long, long summer in the south-west today as the usual howling southerlies and smaller swell were replaced with 1. a light off-shore this morning that dropped to nothing by 8am and 2. some decent swell, in the four foot range with the odd larger set. The key to today was the tide, as the off-shore was forecast to be around for a good few hours in the morning so for once the wind was relatively less important. Beachies came into their own as the tide turned and started to come in around 7am. This helped to push the swell up a bit and the wave size increased accordingly. Just a great morning to be out amongst it - it wasn't particularly crowded early, the wind was light, the swell was pushing in, and the sun was shining. Well worth the effort.


beach breaks margaret river

beach break margaret river

south west beach break

barrels margaret river

margaret river surf

no crowds beach break south west

south west surf


no complaints

in the green room margaret river


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