Worth a paddle.

It's been a frustrating summer on the whole. Either we've been getting small swell with light winds, or good sized swell with howling southerlies and sou-westerlies. This morning forecast a small window of opportunity - decent swell and an offshore. While it wasn't all time, it was still worth a paddle. For those able to hang around, conditions improved into mid morning before the wind turned on-shore. We're yet to really see anything super special, so let's hope the next few weeks bring us something worth writing home about. Not long until we hit the best months to be in Margies (in our opinion anyway). Remember to send us your same day snaps and we'll feature anything good on our FB page at 5pm, with your creds of course. We're all about promoting surf in the south-west and we ain't shy helping out other photographers either, so send ém in and we'll happily promote you.

beach break margaret river

in the green room

valentines day surf for the lucky few

gas bay today

gas point

got better through the morning

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