''Superbomb''. Or Not?

With rumours of a ‘’Superbomb’’ set to appear Sunday night into Monday morning, expectations were high for something pretty special in the south west this morning. While the swell itself was forecast a modest 7 to 10 foot, it was the swell period that made all the difference, rising to a 20 second period into Sunday night but dropping back to 16 seconds by Monday morning. Sets rolled into big wave spots turning on prime surfing conditions for those game enough to get amongst it.

As one local commented, Boaties was as busy as he’d seen it for a long time but he was heading home for his morning coffee as it was simply too large and too powerful for him. And we suspect he wasn’t alone in that thinking.

The dawn crowd was small as the strong off-shore kept numbers low but as the wind died down over the course of the morning the crowd grew. By 8am there was a solid crowd at Boaties, a few crew at the Bombie, a couple at Southsides and twenty or so at Mainbreak. Big wave spots between the Capes were firing as wind (strength and direction), swell (period, direction and size), and tide all lined up to produce a memorable morning.

While there’s no denying conditions were good, it’s not anything we haven’t seen in the south west before. In fact, it’s something we see pretty regularly down this way. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy sights like this several times a year. Sometimes the rest of the state, the country, even the world get to see it too - most of the time they don’t. There’s certainly no argument it’s a spectacular stretch of coast and local or not, we can only feel privileged to witness it on days like today.

Our favourite photo from today appears on FB at 5pm, with a few on insta @surfingmr as well.

Stay safe.

Superbomb Monday

Boaties Superbomb Monday

Boatramps Superbomb Monday Margaret River

Superbomb Margaret River

Superbomb Monday

Superbomb Margaret River

Superbomb South West

Photos Superbomb

Boatramps Superbomb Margaret River

Surfers Point Superbomb

Solid Boaties Superbomb Monday

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