A window of opportunity

While the forecast was suggesting a strong off-shore, the reality proved very different this morning. Those who got up for the mandatory surf check found themselves looking at 5 foot swell and no wind. A small swell pulse hit shores at about 7am bumping wave size up considerably and catching a few punters unaware. Several spots that hadn't been working suddenly started to fire and those lucky enough to find themselves in the surf for that window were treated to good surf with very few people around. It's been a few weeks since we walked along these shores and the first proper visit back since our dog was bitten by a snake a few weeks ago. But it's such a consistently good surf spot with the added bonus of being dog friendly, that it's hard to stay away. Always worth a morning check that's for sure. Our pic of the day is on FB at 5pm. See yourself and score a copy for free. And as always, get your pics to us by 3pm same day on FB and we'll share them on the site with any credits given to you of course. With a hot weekend coming up keep an eye on your dogs and enjoy the water.

Gas Bay

Double peak Margaret River
Morning Glory Margaret River

Double up Boodji

Head high beachy

morning surf Margaret River

Gas Point consistent

Boogers joy

clean and green margaret river

early morning surf margaret river

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