An End in Sight...

We've had some great surf the last five days. It turned from on-shore slop and rain last Tuesday to prime surfing conditions - and since then we've had mornings (sometimes full days), of off-shores, sunny skies and good sized swell. The start of next week looks the goods but then things take a turn for the worse as the on-shores show themselves again. If you managed to get yourself into the water sometime in the last few days you'll have been lovin' life as there's been a distinct lack of crowds (are people are still hibernating through winter). Today saw a drop in swell and a howling morning off-shore but there were protected spots that offered the goods. Sand is still missing along the coast so there's some great beachie banks around at the moment along with the usual reef and point breaks. A nice window of opportunity for those who didn't follow the forecast came early to mid morning as the wind dropped off and those in the water scored some glassy beautiful conditions. By the time everyone else cottoned on the wind turned a little more south and the window of perfection closed. Get yourselves in the water tomorrow if you can before things change shortly after. Our pic of the day features on Facebook at 5pm, and as always, we've a few on insta @surfingmr.


Clean and green

Plenty to see


Prepared for anything

Look up man!

Left and right

Clean and green

Nice before the close out

Boodjidup shape

Beach breaks at Boodji

Fun waves at Boodji

Worth the walk

Primed and ready

Clean and green

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