Foundation Day Magic

So often the sun, swell and wind all line-up the day before the weekend, or the day after a public holiday, or mid week at work and then turn to mush just in time for the weekend. It's as if someone above is conspiring against us. But not today. Swell was forecast to drop from yesterday's massive conditions, and (let's face it) for most, it was welcome relief. Early risers were treated to a whole lot of swell still rolling in, albeit a little random with a wait between good sized 6 to 8 wave sets at a solid ten foot, but that swell did drop over the course of the morning turning many of the spots that were closing out yesterday into spots that were firing mid to late morning.

One of those rare winter days that seem too good to be true. Heat in the sun, good swell, offshore winds and none of the usual rush in summer associated with that onshore coming in way too fast. If this is what we have in store for the rest of winter, who needs a trip north or Indo? Alas, it's not likely to last, but let's enjoy it while it's here.

Thanks WA, you rock.

Firing Box

Boaties firing

Slotted at the box

Empty and perfect

Classic Surfers Point

Classic Box Margaret River


Early morning at the Box

Nothing square about this

Surfers Point Margaret River

No wonder Kelly loves it

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