Just Too Good Not To Be In The Water

What an absolutely cracking day to be in the water this morning. Solid swell at about six foot, clear blue skies and a light off-shore produced pristine conditions for those able to get amongst it. Plenty of spots were firing up and down the coast. Super clean, super quiet and super fun. It was really one of those days you're just thankful to live in the south-west. Not a whole lot more to say really...

Find our pic of the day on FB at 5pm - today's is an absolute cracker. We're always keen to promote other surf photographers so send same day pics to us on FB by 3pm of that day, and we'll do out best to get them up for you. make sure to include any links to FB pages, web pages or insta.

The Box

Clean rights at The Box


Great conditions today

Gas Point, so consistent

Clean clean clean

lefts and rights


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