Shark Siren at Gas Point 11 am Thursday April 20, 2017.

We're not usually one to name a spot or put up a post before 5pm, but given recent events in Esperance, we decided to post this information as quickly as possible. Yes there's been shark sirens before, yes some people exit the water and others choose not to, but as one bystander commented today, ''Nobody wants to see what happened to that poor family and that young girl happen to anyone else this week, or this year, or ever actually.'' The chopper swung by, hovered in the air for some time over Gas Point, circled, came in close, rang its siren, rand it again, hung around for another few minutes, then departed. All surfers at Gas Point at that time, about 11am, chose to exit the water. Further up the coast at Grunters, where the siren could easily be heard and the chopper easily seen, some people chose to exit the water, while others stayed. One surfer in the car park commented that he thought people were crazy if they chose not to get out. "As if any wave is worth risking your life'' he said. Another commented that "Sharks don't discriminate, if you're in the water you are a possible target."

Whatever your opinion, the helicopter gives you a heads-up, of course it is your choice to heed that warning, or ignore it. Pictured are the last wave caught at Gas before the shark siren cleared the water of all surfers at that spot, and Grunters, a few hundred metres north of Gas, where some surfers chose to remain in the water.

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