Shark Scare Sees Competitors Exit Water in Semi Final of the #MargiesPro

After the women’s final in very tough conditions yesterday, a lot was depending on conditions cleaning up substantially by the start of the final day of competition. Fortunately the swell Gods were smiling upon Margaret River, with Sunday morning showing clean six foot sets rolling through the Point under clear blue skies and a light easterly off-shore wind. The heats started early, and by just after 7am it was on. Highlights of the day included an in-form John John Florence dominating all of his heats, and Kolohe Andino also looking very good, with both surfers getting barrelled and showing why they deserved to challenge each other in the final of the #MargiesPro.

Andino in particular had a very impressive and exciting semi final, edging out Brazil’s Filepe Toledo by a very small but dominant edge. Competition in the semi final was placed on hold at one point, about half way through the heat, due to a possible shark sighting behind the competitors but still very close to the action. Both surfers chose to exit the water while jet skis investigated the area, with the splashes clearly visible by spectators 500m away at shore. Salmon and dolphin activity were blamed for those splashes.

John John has been in blistering form, particularly his powerful cut-backs, that sprayed up wide arcing white water time and time again. His consistently aggressive and powerful dominating form continued into the final. He was a worthy winner, but was pushed to his limit by Andino, who we expect to continue on to bigger and better things this year if his current form is anything to go by. He’s one to watch in the next few years.

So that’s a wrap for another Margaret River Pro. Whether we’ll see a line-up of the same calibre next year is yet to be decided, while the powers that be ponder on exactly which 2017 location will be cut in the 2018 tour. Either way, Margaret River put on a pretty bloody impressive and memorable show. This final day of competition saw all spots firing, and although The Box wasn't called into the limelight, it looked the goods as the day went on. North Point, The Box, Mainbreak - what is clear is the awesome waves the Margaret River region has to offer.

Moves like this saw John John win
The Box

Magic conditions
The Box


The Box

Surfers Point turns it on


Men's final in magic conditions

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