North Point Makes History

When it was announced later yesterday that the Margaret River Pro first day of competition was likely to be held at North Point, everyone was stoked. The forecast had suggested the possibility for a week to ten days prior, so the thought of being able to witness history in the making was a pretty special and unique opportunity. Shortly after announcing that it was a likely option, news circulated that there would be no public access at North Point itself. This was met with some opposition, but the powers that be had their reasons, and that was that. What was less clear, was that the rest of the Bay remained open and accessible.

If you're anything like us you waited by the computer screen this morning glued to the WSL website waiting for the call - where was the comp going to be? 7am is the usual call, that came and went, 7:30 we were then told, which came and went, 8:45 we were then told, which also came and went, 10am was going to be the call, and just before 10am it started, and North Point was the call. Well done Kieren - it's a bloody tough and stressful job that's for sure.

Although told to head down to Surfer's Point to watch North Point action on the big screen, early crowds at Surfer's Point were small. Conditions were raw and pretty much out of control at the Point, with Mainbreak hosting about five die hard keen big wave surfers. Boatramps was also powerful and raw with another half dozen surfers out there.

At North Point, things were just a little different. The bump and rawness of Surfer's Point was less evident. Early crowds at 6.30am at North Point actually lessened through the morning. Parking was at a premium but there were actually plenty of viewing options, from South Point looking directly into the barrel, to the northern end of the beach, which offered an elevated rocky outcrop to those able to find a space on it.

Kelly kicked off heat one shortly before 10am. He was in good form, progressing straight through. The WSL gives great coverage and all results, so I'll not go into that here. Highlights included a cracking session from John John Florence who looks in top form. Local Jacob Willcox was beaten by John John, but not by much. Willcox surfed well and made a nice barrel out of almost nothing - that's saying something as he's almost six foot.

The remainder of the Pro is likely to be fought out at Surfer's Point. Rumours are already circulating on the likelihood of The Box being on tomorrow. It would seem that North Point has done its job.

Check out our favourite pic from today on our Facebook page. There'll be a few up on Insta @surfingmr as well.

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