10 days to go...

Well it's just after 2pm on Sunday afternoon and half the Surfing Margaret River team are in the water right now. By the time you read this it'll be 5pm or after, and likely still pumping at most breaks along the coast, particularly those offering some protection from the southerly wind. It started pretty large early today, with some even saying fifteen foot. But as we all know, there's a lot of variation in how waves are read size wise, so that fifteen foot was also called six foot by others. Whatever you called it, it was solid that's for damn sure. Winds were lightest early and swell was also largest early, so that was the pick of the day to be out amongst it. Although having said that, the swell pushed in and just kept coming, so we're calling the peak window today from about 8 to 11am. There were plenty of options available all along the coast with the good sized swell, but because of that southerly, protected bays were the pick. Just a great day all round. Yeeeew! Keep it coming for the Pro, starting in 10 days time. Today's favourite pic not on here is featured on FB at 5pm today. Go take a look - it's an absolute rippa. There's also a few on insta @surfingmr as well. Never miss the best waves with our 200 page full colour Surfing Margaret River Cape to Cape Guide, featuring over 50 surf breaks with directions on how to find them. Yours for $40 with FREE postage Aus wide. Get it now.

Northpoint firing 19 march 2017

northpoint today

big northpoint

northpoint turns it on

northpoint chaos

double up in the bay

northpoint on fire

classic northpoint

solid northpoint


huge northpoint

gracetown magic

the bay turns it on

double head high

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