As Good as it Gets

Count yourself very lucky if you found yourself on the coast between the Capes this morning. Especially between about 9am to noon, conditions were outstanding. We heard several people stating it was ''as good as it gets'', and ''magic". Which indeed it was. There was still a lot of swell around from the previous day as the forecast drop didn't happen as quickly as expected. Winds were strong and offshore from very early, and the same pattern as yesterday repeated itself - the wind dropped to almost nothing for a few hours, cleaning up the already excellent conditions turning it to glass. Wow.

See yourself in any pic and score a FREE copy. Make sure you never miss days like this with your copy of our Surfing Guide, available on this site. Our pic of the day features on FB at 5pm and it's an absolute rippa. And of course check into @surfingmr on insta for a bit of other stuff. It's a big call but it really was just about as good as it gets today.

Gas Point

Grunters glass

Classic Gas Bay

as good as it gets
classic mainbreak
left or right?

gas glass
surfers point as good as it gets

box going off

surfers point magic
two guys out at the box

mainbreak glass

tasty rights

glassy box

surfers point magic

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