Hello Friday

Five to eight foot swell and a strong off-shore - pretty scary right? There were actually options along the coast today for all surfers from learners to experts - you just had to know where to look. The forecast for today opened up surfing options for everyone, with offshore winds and a good sized swell promising a great day. The off-shore was super strong early, so some of the big name spots were actually quite wind affected. Those able to stay put were rewarded when the wind died down later in the morning, and the surf cleaned up nicely. Definite sets with a wait in between also helped keep conditions nice and clean. There were options for all, with big named spots firing, but also some of the smaller more sheltered spots offering up waves for the less confident. The surf's still firing right now in sheltered bays protected from the southerly. Tomorrow morning also looks the goods. Yeeeew!

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Our pic of the day is on our Facebook page. Insta @surfingmr will show a couple of the highlights too.

the bay
north point firing

north point firing

gracetown lines

south to north point linking up

north point insane

insane north point

early tow in at boaties

north point magic

north point yeeew!

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