Scratch that last post... summer's still not here

Overcast grey skies and a light offshore greeted the early risers Friday morning. With this week one of the busiest for the year between the Capes, crowds were expected at most spots this morning. But the super low tide threw a spanner in the works, so while wind and swell were good, there was less water around than was needed for some of the classic spots to be firing (as they usually would have been). Summer's still not really arrived which is unbelievable for this time of year. The forecast is looking better into the New Year - here's hoping for off-shores, swell and some heat for the start of 2017. Check out FB at 5pm for our favourite shot from today, and of course there'll be a few @surfingmr later on. See yourself and score the pic for free.

This one's a tricky spot to guess...

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