Mid week.

Mid winter.

Whale carcass at Honeycombs.

All of the above combined on a brilliant day to see only a few guys out at most breaks that were pumping their guts out. We saw four to six foot pretty decent swell (it picked up overnight) and light almost straight easterly winds early, that moved to a light nor-easter into the day. Pretty much stopping early arvo as the sun finally made an appearance too. Epic uncrowded conditions greeting those who met the chilli air temperatures head on and got themselves into twenty degree water. I know where I'd rather be...

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**Ben Smith: your image of SH didn't come through mate and we can't contact you through your hotmail account, post it onto our Facebook page and it should come up no worries. Cheers.


Sucky Lefts

Barrels at Sucky Lefts


Clean lines at Ellensbrook

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