Dawn Patrol

It seems like forever since there's been any really good surf so it was joy to see clean lines this morning and clear skies. While the super keen have been finding wind affected waves at protected bays and beachies over the last few weeks, this morning provided a light off-shore with 5 to 7 foot swell.

Hoo - bloody - ray. With winds forecast to turn northerly early and then on-shore by lunchtime, it was a case of the early bird catching the worm. Foggy misty conditions greeted those up before the sun, but so did clean, uncrowded, pumping waves. Yeeew! Our pic of the day is featured on FB. See yourself in any pic and score a free copy. And don't forget to post your own pics of the south west on our FB site.

geachies mist fog

geachies gas bay mist fog

gas bay western australia

gas bay geachies

geachies mist mist gas bay

fog margaret river

fog bank in the surf margaret river

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