The Box Shows No Mercy...

Margies has really come to the party over the last few days, with this morning's conditions no exception. Breaks were firing up and down the coast. Naturally many of us took a look at Mainbreak with so many Pros in town warming up for the start of the Margaret River Pro in just two short days on the 8th. One unfortunate sole copped a bad injury at The Box, he was taken by 4wd quadbike to the main road and rumours reported was then transported to the hospital. A helicopter was spotted soon after so fingers crossed he wasn't air lifted to a larger hospital. One has to wonder what's in store for the top surfers of the world over the next few weeks - so far we'd have to say it looks to be shaping up into something pretty bloody epic. Our fav pic of the day is on our FB page.

MR Pro 2016

The Box MR Pro 2016

The Box Margaret River

Gas April 2016

Gas 2016 MR Pro 2016

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