Great White Shark Clears Water At Redgate Beach

After average surf for a week we were keen to check out options this morning. With northely winds and 5 to 7 foor swell forecast Redgate seemed a likely option. We arrived at about 9am and the surf was pumping. Looking out to the line up not a sole was in the water. Yet the carpark was pretty full. It seemed pretty odd. The surf looked good so we headed down for a look. It was then we saw all the surfers on the beach, many still talking about what had hapened that morning. At about 8:30am, with 20 or so sufers in the water, a fin was spotted about 50m out from the surfers who were in the water at the more southern end of the beach. At first some surfers thought it was a whale given it's size. Something then leapt out of the water, breaking the surface and jumping into the air. It was then that several surfers knew they had seen a massive great white shark. They immediately yelled to other surfers to clear the water. While sharks have been seen in these waters before, one surfer told me he'd never witnessed anything this big. So be extra careful out there people.

shark sighted redgate beach

empty line up great white

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