Raw and Wild

Conditions looked excellent at dawn but by 8am a strong off-shore had started to blow. This picked up throughout the morning, turning ENE by about 10am. While 32 hot degrees was forecast for Perth today, in Margies it was about 20, and likely less given the howling winds. Grey skies did clear to sunny conditions and while the wind was strong, it was warm. The swell continued to grow in size overnight, seeing pretty raw and wild waves with good size sets in the 8 foot plus range. Minimal crowds continue, so all-in-all it was a pretty good morning to be in the water. The front expected on the weekend is now scheduled to hit tomorrow, with swell in the 10 foot plus range hitting in the afternoon, but also bringing strong on-shore winds and rain. Feature in a pic and score a free copy - just send us an email in the 'Contact Us' section. Best pic of the day is posted on our facebook page.

raw swell

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