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October 27, 2019

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Eerily Quiet on the Coast

With a forecast for pretty good surf - pumping surf really - for most of this week, you'd expect things to be pretty busy in the water right? No quite, as recent events are playing on people's minds, and rightly so.  While in Perth the steps of Parliament House were busy with protestors urging the Government to act - SMART drum lines appear to be on the agenda as part of a response - on the recent spate of shark incidents in the South West, in the South West itself things were very quiet in the water. Because, in all honesty, conditions were absolutely pumping today. One thing to be sure of - there are still many reports of sharks in the area, and whale debris, and salmon activity. Just because there hasn't been any recent contact between people and sharks certainly doesn't mean they're not around. Each of us has to take responsibility for our actions - try to be as educated as you can before deciding whether to enter the water or not. Stay safe out there people and enjoy all mother nature is offering. Our favourite pic of the day goes up on Facebook at 5pm. Know where and when to surf with our 200 page Surfing Guide, available on this site for $40 AUS with free postage Australia wide.












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