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March 31, 2020

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Surf, Salmon and Sun - Easter Magic.

This entire Easter break has seen great surf and plenty of sun. Schools of salmon can be seen moving north along the coast, keeping things interesting. We've seen several 2m+ sharks but none of the worrying kind. Today was a great day to find yourself between the Capes, perhaps able to sneak in an early on the way back to Perth, or for the locals, just another day (albeit a busy one) between the Capes. Conditions were just about perfect for most spots to hold something along the coast, which was a good thing as it helped to spread out the crowds. A few of the lesser known breaks were working, providing a few non-crowded breaks for those in the know between the masses sitting on the better known peaks. On days like today, as the easterly died down and the swell continued to roll in with sun warm enough to make you need a swim, you couldn't help but think you were in a little piece of paradise. Which, if you were lucky enough to find yourself amongst it, you undoubtedly were.










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